Raffles Capital Ltd

Raffles Capital Limited (Raffles) (ASX:RAF) is a listed “Diversified Financials” company focused on funding and investment solutions. Raffles management team and its affiliates have a track record of providing funding, investment management, corporate advisory services in particular public listings through IPO, RTO and M+A of investee companies. Raffles works closely with various funds, stock-brokering firms, investment banks and sophisticated investors in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore, and Sydney.

Raffles’ three key business units:

Principal Investments

Raffles identify, qualify and invest in promising businesses and projects that are ripe for IPO/RTO/M+A in the next 12-18 months. Other than funding, Raffles key role is to enhance investee companies’ profit growth and business expansion; exploring mergers and acquisitions opportunities to grow investee companies rapidly resulting in exponential growth in shareholders’ value

Corporate Advisory

Raffles provide corporate advisory services to help companies, especially investee targets, to secure seed funding, strategic resources, board of directors and panel of experts to jump-start their business development; improve on their corporate governance; comply with international accounting standard and best-in-breed management practices.

Growth Consulting

Raffles provide growth and expansion consulting and management services to help companies to raise growth funding through the issuance of asset-back bonds, convertible bonds, investment trusts, preference shares, warrants and sale-and-leaseback schemes. Raffles help qualified firms to IPO, RTO by working closely with professionals like auditors, brokers, investment banks, lawyers, specialists, valuers and prospective acquisition targets.

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