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About Raffles

Raffles Capital Limited (Raffles) is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX).

The principal activities of Raffles are:

Corporate Advisory

Raffles corporate advisory business identifies commercial and corporate opportunities, synergic partnerships, commercial and project funding. New businesses either continue to operate under Raffles or the business is able to seek independent funding. Raffles gains through the sale of the business for cash, equity or a combination. Joint venture participation is also possible.


Litigation funding promotes access to justice, spreads the risk of complex litigation and improves the efficiency of litigation by introducing commercial considerations that will aim to reduce costs.


Raffles origination business identifies prospective businesses and mineral exploration projects. After conducting multi discipline due diligence and developing suitable business models it identifies and engages suitable project staff with an independent management team.

Having secured tenure or project control, Raffles funds initial exploration and development through seed capital and proceeds to build the business.

Raffles Capital Limited
Hudson House
L2, 131 Macquarie Street, Sydney NSW
+61 2 9251 7177



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