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Raffles Capital Limited (Raffles)  (ASX:RAF) is a listed "Diversified Financials1" company focused on litigation funding solutions. The investment fund controlled by Raffles has a  market value of $8m (as at July 2014).

Raffles management team and its affiliates have a track record of providing litigation funding, case management and strategic legal solutions in Australia since 2005 focusing on commercial and corporate matters/ Raffles also has access to solicitors and barristers with the relevant expertise in their field and funding via its access to local and Asian investor networking.


Raffles' business areas continue to operate in the following three main arms:

1.Litigation Solutions - Raffles provides Litigation Funding and solutions to claimants in Australia and other jurisdictions with litigation cases that meet our case criteria in commercial, corporate and insolvency matters:

1.Recoverability against the Defendant

2. Legal Merit of the Case

3. Quantum of the Claim

4. Legal team selection

Litigation funding promotes access to justice, spreads the risk of complex litigation and improves the efficiency of litigation by introducing commercial considerations that will aim to reduce costs.

2. Principal Investments - Raffles origination business identifies prospective businesses and projects. After conducting multi discipline due diligence and developing suitable business models it identifies and engages suitable project staff with an independent management team.

Having secured tenure or project control, Raffles funds the next stage program through private capital and proceeds to build the business.

3.Corporate Advisory - Raffles corporate advisory business identifies commercial and corporate opportunities, synergic partnerships, commercial and project funding. new businesses either continue to operate under Raffles or the business is able to seek independent funding. Raffles gains through the sale of the business for cash, equity or a combination. Joint venture participation is also possible.

 1 GICS industry group determined by ASX


last updated 29 July 2014



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