ASX Releases

Date Release
09/08/2017 Notice of General Meeting
07/08/2017 Raffles Executes Share Sale Agreement
27/07/2017 Appendix 4C
01/06/2017 Resignation and Appointment of Company Secretary
31/05/2017 Results of Meeting
24/05/2017 Raffles Capital limited to Acquire Gashub Companies
02/05/2017 Appendix 4C
28/04/2017 Notice of Annual General Meeting/Proxy Form
28/04/2017 Cleansing Statement
28/04/2017 Issue of Placement Shares and Appendix 3B
12/04/2017 Change of Directors' Interest Notice
30/03/2017 Appendix 4G
30/03/2017 Annual Report to shareholders
20/02/2017 Appendix 3B
20/02/2017 Change of Directors' Interest Notice
20/02/2017 Appendix 4E
07/02/2017 Completion of Selective Buy Back and Share Consolidation
31/01/2017 Extraordinary General Meeting Results
03/01/2017General Meeting and Proxy Form
25/11/2016Executive Movements and Appendix 3Z
15/11/2016Angeion Group Pty Ltd Acquisition Not To Proceed
28/10/2016Appendix 4C
31/05/2016Results from the Annual General Meeting held 31 May 2016
31/05/20162016 AGM Chairman's Address
31/05/2016Term Sheet executed to acquire Angeion Group Pty Ltd
04/05/2016Raffles Sequoia signs second framework agreement
27/04/2016Notice of AGM & Explanatory Statement/Proxy Form
27/04/2016Raffles Focus Returns to Sequoia
21/04/2016Suspension from Official Quotation
19/04/2016Appendix 4G
04/04/2016 Raffles to acquire Singapore Forex training and raw data provider
26/02/2016 Appendix 4E
28/01/2016 Appendix 4C
10/12/2015 Revised Appendix 3B
11/12/2015 Cleansing Statement
10/12/2015 Appendix 3B
29/10/2015 Quarterly Cash Flow Report
31/08/2015 Half Year Report
31/07/2015 Quarterly Cashflow Report
04/06/2015 Change in substantial holding
04/06/2015 Appendix 3B
28/05/2015Market Update and Appendix 3B
20/04/2015Notice of Annual General Meeting/Proxy Form
13/04/2015Raffles to Acquire Nano Sun
30/03/20152014 Annual Report
16/03/2015Raffles Capital Limited – Corporate Actions Completed
16/03/2015Appendix 3B
03/03/2015Executive Movements
27/12/2015Appendix 4E
27/12/2015Results From The General Meeting
12/02/2015Change in substantial holding for SOC
30/01/2015Quarterly Activities Report
30/01/2015Quarterly Cashflow Report
23/01/2015Clarification – NoM – Ex Return of Capital Trading Date
21/01/2015Notice of General Meeting/Proxy Form
19/01/2015Update. A$1.5 milion Convertible Notes
5/12/2014Executive Movements
2/12/2014Sequoia Acquisition
28/11/2014Raffles Clarification – A$1.5 million Convertible Note
28/11/2014Raffles A$1.5 million convertible note
30/10/2014Quarterly Activities Report
30/10/2014Appendix 4C – Quarterly Cashflow Report
30/09/2014Placement Completed
29/08/2014Half Yearly Report and Accounts
31/07/2014Quarterly Activities Report June 2014
31/07/2014Appendix 4C – quarterly
4/07/2014SOC: bids for remaining Mount Adrah Gold Limited shares
27/05/2014Results of Meeting
30/04/2014Quarterly Activities Report
30/04/2014Quarterly Cashflow Report
17/04/2014Ceasing to be a substantial holder for PMR
8/04/2014Notice of Annual General Meeting/Proxy Form
21/03/2014Annual Report to shareholders
28/02/2014RAF Appendix 4E
31/01/2014Quarterly Activities Report
31/01/2014Appendix 4C – quarterly
2/01/2014Change in substantial holding for SOC
31/10/2013Quarterly Activities Report
31/10/2013Appendix 4C – quarterly
2/10/2013Change in substantial holding for HRS
29/08/2013Half Year Accounts
26/08/2013Change in substantial holding for SOC
1/08/2013Retirement of Company Secretary
31/07/2013Quarterly Activities Report
31/07/2013Appendix 4C – quarterly
30/05/2013Proceedings of Meeting
30/04/2013Quarterly Activities Report
29/04/2013Appendix 4C – quarterly
26/04/2013Notice of Annual General Meeting/Proxy Form
27/03/2013Annual Report 2012
27/02/2013RAF Appendix 4E
31/01/2013RAF Quarterly Activities Statement
31/01/2013RAF 4C Dec 2012
31/10/2012RAF appendix 4C Sep 2012
31/10/2012RAF Quarterly Report Sep 2012
29/08/2012Change in substantial holding for PMR
29/08/2012Becoming a substantial holder for SOC
29/08/2012Half Yearly Report and Accounts
6/08/2012Amended Appendix 4C
30/07/2012Quarterly Activities Report
26/07/2012RAF Appendix 4C – quarterly
30/05/2012Results of Meeting
30/05/2012Chairman`s Address to Shareholders
22/05/2012Amended Appendix 4C – March 2012
27/04/2012Quarterly Activities Report
27/04/2012Notice of Annual General Meeting/Proxy Form
27/04/2012Appendix 4C – quarterly
30/03/2012Annual Report to shareholders
20/03/2012Change in substantial holding from HGL
24/02/2012Preliminary Final Report42047
9/02/2012Change in substantial holding for HRS42034
1/02/2012Quarterly Activites Report42034
27/01/2012Appendix 4C – quarterly42027
6/12/2011Becoming a substantial holder for PMR42025
2/12/2011PMR Admission to Official List42023
2/12/2011Notice of Initial Substantial Holder for HRS41978
25/11/2011PMR Offer Closed41975
1/11/2011RAF – PMR IPO Update41971
31/10/2011Quarterly Activities Report41971
31/10/2011Quarterly Cashflow Report41942
26/10/2011Precious Metal Resources Prospectus Lodged41942
26/10/2011Raffles subsidiary-Precious Metal Resources Limited to IPO41912
20/09/2011Core resampling identifies high grade silver41880
29/08/2011Half Yearly Report and Accounts41851
29/07/2011Quarterly Cashflow Report41851
22/07/2011Quarterly Report June 201141824
22/06/2011Halls Creek Project – Brokers Presentation41786
10/06/2011Form 604 Notice of change of interests of substantial holder41759
31/05/2011Broker Presentation41759
30/05/2011Change of Director`s Interest Notice41746
30/05/2011Raffles Capital Limited Update41737
27/05/2011Securities Trading Policy41719
27/05/2011Corporate Governance Statement41698
27/05/2011Distribution Schedule and Top 20 Shareholders41670
27/05/2011Appendix 1A – ASX Listing application and agreement41641
27/05/2011Pre-Quotation Disclosure41578
27/05/2011ASX Circular – Reinstatement to Official Quotation41578
27/05/2011Reinstatement to Official Quotation on 31 May 201141549
27/05/2011Annual General Meeting Results41515
27/05/2011Chairman`s Address to AGM41512
25/05/2011Form 604 Notice of Change of Interest of Substantial Holder41487
23/05/2011ASX Raffles Offer Closed41486
29/04/2011Quarterly Activities Report41486
29/04/2011Appendix 4C – quarterly41424
27/04/2011Notice of Annual General Meeting41394
21/04/2011Notice of Annual General Meeting/Proxy Form41393
21/04/2011Raffles Capital Limited Supplementary Prospectus41390
19/04/2011Raffles Supplementary Prospectus Lodged41360
31/03/2011Annual Report to shareholders41332
23/03/2011CAP Cancellation: Incorrect Ann. should be under TCM41305
23/03/2011TCM Top Quality Coking Coal Identified41305
1/03/2011Raffles Offer Opens41213
24/02/2011Raffles Capital – Replacement Prospectus Lodged41213
24/02/2011Preliminary Final Report – Appendix 4E41150
18/02/2011Appendix 3B41150
18/02/2011Raffles Prospectus Lodged with ASIC41150
16/12/2010Securities Trading Policy41127
11/11/2010Company Secretary Appointment/Resignation41120
31/08/2010Half Yearly Report and Accounts41116
31/08/2010Results of AGM August 201041059
31/08/2010ASX Raffles Chaiman`s Address41051
3/08/2010RAF Annual General Meeting41026
30/07/2010Annual Report to shareholders41026
29/07/2010Response to ASX Query re Director`s Interest Notices41026
29/07/2010Change of Director`s Interest Notice40998
29/07/2010Initial Director`s Interest Notice40988
19/07/2010RAF Update July 19 201040963
16/07/2010Results of Extraordinary General Meeting of Members40948
30/06/2010Preliminary Final Report40940
15/06/2010Notice of Annual General Meeting/Proxy Form40935
18/05/2010Change of Director`s Interest Notice40883
15/03/2010Appendix 4C – monthly40879
18/02/2010HGL: Sale of Hudson Marketing Pty Ltd40879
18/02/2010Agreement to Acquire Hudson Marketing40872
15/02/2010Appendix 4C – monthly40848
5/02/2010Market Update40847
5/02/2010Initial Director`s Interest Notice40847
5/02/2010Final Director`s Interest Notice40842
5/02/2010Director Appointment/Resignation40842
15/01/2010Appendix 4C – monthly40806
14/01/2010Change in substantial holding40784
8/01/2010Initial Director`s Interest Notice40753
8/01/2010Director Appointment40746
24/12/2009ASX Code Change40716
22/12/2009Becoming a substantial holder40704
21/12/2009Name and Registered Office Change40694
21/12/2009Initial Directors Interest Notice x 340693
21/12/2009Final Directors Interest Notice40693
18/12/2009Resignation of Directors40690
16/12/2009EGM Approvals for Proposed Transactions40690
16/12/2009Results of Meeting 16 December 200940690
15/12/2009EGM Script for 16 December 200940690
11/12/2009Appendix 4C – November 200940690
7/12/2009Half Year Report – 31 October 200940690
17/11/2009Proxy Form40690
17/11/2009Notice of General Meeting and Explanatory Statement40690
12/11/2009Appendix 4C – October 200940690
20/10/2009Appendix 4C – September 200940690
30/09/2009HGL: FLEH to acquire substantial 30% HGL stake40688
30/09/2009Share Acquisition – Hudson Investment Group Limited40686
29/09/2009Results of 2009 Annual General Meeting40662
29/09/2009Resignation of Director40662
18/09/2009Appendix 4C – August 200940660
11/09/2009Franked Dividend – Payment Date Update40654
4/09/20094 September 09 – Franked Dividend Update40654
4/09/2009Franked Dividend Advice40652
27/08/2009Appendix 4C- 31 July 200940633
16/07/2009Appendix 4C – June 200940625
15/07/2009Notice of Annual General Meeting40625
13/07/2009Update – Status of Potential Acquisitions40603
9/07/2009Change of Company Secretary40598
26/06/2009Annual Report 200940598
19/06/2009Preliminary Final Report 200940592
18/06/2009Appendix 4C – May 200940592
22/05/2009Appendix 4C – April 200940528
28/04/2009Appendix 4C March 200940493
13/03/2009Appendix 4C – February 200940421
26/02/2009Appendix 4C – 31 January 200940421
15/01/2009Appendix 4C December 200840421
10/12/2008Appendix 4C – November 200840421
4/12/2008Half Yearly Report and Accounts40393
2/12/2008Update on Proposed Acquisition40389
14/11/2008Appendix 4C – October 200840388
10/10/2008Appendix 4C – September 200840388
10/09/2008Appendix 4C – August 200840388
25/08/2008Franked Dividend Advice40378
25/08/2008Suspension from Official Quotation40375
22/08/2008Dividend Details40359
22/08/2008Results of Meeting40344
14/08/2008Appendix 4C – July 200840316
29/07/2008Annual Report 200840252
11/07/2008Appendix 4C – June 200840227
19/06/2008Preliminary Final Report 200840227
12/06/2008Appendix 4C – May 200840224
15/05/2008Appendix 4C- April 200840214
11/04/2008Appendix 4C – March 200840214
13/03/2008Appendix 4C – February 200840214
8/02/2008Appendix 4C – January 200840214
11/01/2008Appendix 4C – December 200740193