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Abigail Zhang Li Ying – Executive Director

Abigail is a director of Marvel Earn Ltd since August 2008 and was the executive director of Sino-Excel Energy Limited from August 2011 to June 2014. She has exposure in investments and advisory services to Chinese companies seeking overseas listings, capital raisings and potential merger and acquisition opportunities.

She works closely with investment bankers, auditors, lawyers, valuers and other professionals to enhance the position of clients in preparation for their IPO, RTO, M&A activities. Abigail has hands-on management experience and China business relationships in the bio-tech, agricultural, energy, mining and property sectors.

She holds a bachelor degree in Human Resource Management from the Beijing JiaoTong University.

Dr Charli In – Executive Chairman

Dr In was the Chairman of Direct Marketing Association of Singapore, an advisor to the Asia Pacific Management Isntitute, Sapphire China, Sky China Petroleum and Ying Li Property Development. He was Chairman of the Board of Sino-Environment Technology Ltd and Asia Fashion Holdings Ltd, both listed on Singapore Stock Exchange

Dr In holds a marketing diploma from the UK Chartered Institute of Marketing, MBA from University of East Asia of Macau and post-graduate qualification from ADMA/Macquarie University of Australia

John Farey – Non-Executive Director

John Farey has over 45 years experience in financial services including merchant and investment banking

Alan Beasley – Non-Executive Director

Alan Beasley is a Non-Executive Director and former Director of a number of publicly listed and unlisted companies. Mr Beasley was educated at the University of New England and Stanford Graduate Business School, USA