Sequoia Capital (Hong Kong) Limited

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Raffles acquired Sequoia Capital (Hong Kong) Limited on 28 Feb 2015.

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Sequoia was incorporated in April 2013 under the Hong Kong Companies Ordinance Chapter 32 of the Laws of Hong Kong. Sequoia has an Exclusive Technology Consulting Service Agreement with China Chongqing Branch Gezhouba Xinjiang Engineering Bureau (CGGC),fafafa real casino slots which entitles Sequoia to manage all projects developed by CGGC. Sequoia will provide relevant technical advice and services to CGGC as technical consulting and services provider on all development projects of CGGC.

The service includes design and planning, sales and marketing, civil and structural engineering, personnel technical training, advice and management services on the commissioning, construction and maintenance, research and development and technical and advisory services for any other related issues of the business.

CGGC is a state-owned company by the People’s Republic of China (the PRC), with a track record of over 40 years and expertise in various construction techniques, CGGC is best known for its work on the Three Gorges Dam on the Yangtze River. CGGC has been the recipient of numerous construction and engineering accolades over the years and holds an AAA credit rating awarded by the China International Construction Association.

As per CGGC plan, in the next three years, it is expected that Sequoia will have 5 million sq. metres of development projects. Engineering Procurement and Construction (EPC) projects focus on large-scale state invested infrastructure, ports, docks, roads and bridges. Sequoia’s customer base is mainly government or government related enterprises and major corporate projects. Sequoia, through CGGC has secured a A$300m EPC contract with the Primary Food Company Ltd (PFC) at Tamworth, New South Wales, Australia to build a 500,000 tons annual feed-stock plant to produce wheat-related food products, MSG and ethanol (from the wheat waste). This plant would be the first plant capable of producing MSG in Australia. Construction is planned to commence in 2015 and should be completed within 18 months.

Sequoia is operating under the direction of Mr. Huang Chuan. Raffles provide appropriate board oversight. Mr Huang has a good grasp of the China property market, in-depth understanding of the Chinese language and culture, hands on experience in the PRC building and construction business and good business and governmental working relationships in South West China, particularly in Chongqing, Guizhou and Sichuan. Mr Huang is the Managing Director of Southwest China Gezhouba Group. Previously, he was the Executive Director of North Morning Investment Hong Kong Limited, Senior Project Manager of Chongqing Kangda Environmental Protection Co. Ltd and Sichuan Office Manager of China Huayuan Group. Mr Huang holds a Masters degree in environmental engineering from Tsinghua University. You can check this data right here bonus ohne einzahlung to get more outcome